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Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2017
Taylor Jenkins Reid knocked this one out of the ball park and into the parking lot as far as I'm concerned!! What an amazing, excellent story of an even more exciting, extraordinary, vibrant, woman!!

Evelyn was 14 when she made her way to Hollywood she knew what she wanted and she went after it with all she was worth. She had Grit! She also had Seven Husbands, and one daughter, and one Great Love!!
You have to admire a lot about what a woman or women of Evelyns generation went through because they're the ones who were the trail blazers for the stars of today. The women who work in that industry now I hope they thank those women from that Golden Era.
The one thing going into this book that did surprise me about Evelyn was how it revolves around her sexuality. I didn't expect this but it was done tastefully I have to say. There was nothing vulgar about how it was written about it, Reid was very tasteful.
I experienced the full gamut of emotions with this story from joy, tears, frustration, sadness, anger. But its a piece of art in my opinion. Thanks Taylor Jenkins Reid for sharing your talent and heart and soul. I highly recommend this book to adults 21+
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