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Reviewed in the United States on June 29, 2019
Shadow Captain continues where Revenger ends. And it is absolutely necessary not only to have read Revenger, but also have good knowledge of what this book was about.

We experience the story through the eyes of Adrana, who slowly but surely becomes the one who really pulls the strings at the ship, thus acting like a Shadow Captain.

After Adrana and Afura have captured Bosa Sennen’s ship, they have to find supplies and fuel, and a safe haven as a base. The first half of the book is about the troubles finding these things. It feels like walking around in the desert to find an oasis and gasoline. Not exactly ‘Sense of Wonder’ and in fact quite boring.

After a while it becomes clear that a lot of people are hunting Bosa Sennen’s ship and crew, and that it won’t be easy to convince them that she is dead. Thus clearing ship and crew of being a party of outlaws. This is where some excitement starts. Writing about a party on the run trying to find the last hidden treasure of Bosa Sennen is Reynolds at his best.

During the story we learn more about the currency Quoins which is found in the caches. The book ends with some kind of cliffhanger and Ardrana will have to make an important decision.

All in all decent work, nice ideas, but too slow in progress.
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4.2 out of 5
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