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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 2, 2022
Sam Conner’s wife is murdered with the TV blaring, but Conner is oblivious. His head is aching, and he feels sick. He goes upstairs and collapses from a knock on the head in a rugby match.

Rugby looms big in the plot. A lot of scenes transpire at the rugby club, where some of the rugby guys have attractive, wayward wives. Mary Conner, the murder victim, was once one of those wives, but she doesn’t go to the club anymore. She can cause enough trouble from home. Did Conner kill her? Was his injury an act?

Superintendent Dalziel can’t quite believe that a great player like Conner would kill his wife so brutally. Conner has brains and strategy. He would be more subtle. The investigation is absorbing, because Mary was up to some bizarre shenanigans. She was definitely a clubbable woman.

I read this series years ago, long enough to decide to re-read it. It was a pleasure to rediscover fat crass Dalziel and his handsome educated sidekick Sergeant Pascoe. A Clubbable Woman was first published in 1970 — a different world. No lattes — everyone is drinking instant coffee! I look forward to dipping into this series again.
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