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Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2019
Daz Smith is one of the worlds most well know Remote Viewers from projects from Farsight Institute. Here he outlines, two different protocols / procedures from the United States Armys remote viewer programs: Grand Father of Remote Viewing Ingo Swan, and Paul Smith. I'd definitely recommend to pick up a hard copy, or kindle version ( you can get kindle version for 99 cents when you collect the hard copy) to anyone from just a casual interest in Remote Viewing to Learned and Advanced remote viewers that just want to get into Daz's Head. Haha !! LOL :-D I say that because the first night I got a copy of Brett Staurts remote viewing book, I read through maybe 60% of it, and the next morning I had a dream about his white truck that got really bad gas mileage, and he had ' roofing materials ' in it (roof represents the subconouss as a dream symbol) and when I asked him about it, he had just sold the truck, but I launched missile from my attic that when through the roof (subconcouss mind) and exploded outside in the air. Brett thought that meant I was really excited about remote viewing, well I AM O:-) I've been doing it for longer than I can remember, but you have to understand whats in these books to know the ' Stargate ' derived protocols to fully develop your remote viewing, and to be able to deliver consistent results within the protocols that are commonly excepted. Alright ! Enough Said, buy the Book Today, because your Winning Lottery Ticket may be just a weeks away !!
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