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Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2019
It just seems like the bad guys won at the end of this series (I mean Felipe De Castro, Freyda, and Eric's maker) and both Sookie and Eric became selfish, stupid, and mean, and then gave up. It was very depressing, but I loved the first ten books. Eric use to be fun, mischievous, and always had a sense of humor. He slowly turned serious, grouchy, and cruel. Sookie became weak and obsessed with tomatoes and casseroles. In the end she settled for easy, boring, but reliable. She chose someone she'd chosen every guy over for twelve books. Also, in this book most of the bad guys with the evil plots had stupid reasons for wanting to take Sookie down. Some of it made no sense to the point that some of the characters should have moved on and not have even been in this book. I think the bad guys should have just been Steve Newlin and some of his followers going after Sookie, because she has gotten in his way three times. Steve Newlin could have even teamed up with that FBI agent who wanted to know what she was and study her. He seemed a little obsessed. There was also a severe lack of steam in this book between Sookie and the person she chose. The chemistry between the two was almost brother and sister, so it seemed odd. I loved how devoted Bill stayed to her and how he wanted to atone. This series could still continue if the author chooses and believe it or not I would still read it to see where it goes and because overall, the author created some interesting characters. I enjoyed these books, even with plot holes and other problems. I enjoyed the earlier books most, because as the series continued it got a depressing. I wish the author could redo her last three books. I hated the way the t.v. series True Blood ended also, so I hope someday someone will redo that by sticking to the books, but giving it a way better ending than the author chose. Oh well. It is what it is.
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