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Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2021
There's a great evil growing in the small town of Belford.

A group of seniors begin to suspect that the sudden uptick of strange disappearances, sudden deaths, and savage murders are more than coincidence. But, they're outsiders: bullied and looked down on by other kids and singled out unfairly by teachers. The authority figures they turn to dismiss their concerns, if they'll even listen. They are on their own.

I loved this book, and I usually don't care for novels where teens are the central characters (high school is about 45 years in my rearview). But, who can't relate to kids who try to fight a supernatural enemy alone while all the adults are either hostile or going crazy?

Michael Keville has great insight into the issues that young people ordinarily deal with in high school, especially if they have differences that set them apart. I haven't cared so much about an ensemble cast of characters since Stephen King's The Stand. It astonished me to learn that it's the author's first novel.

There's violence, sexual violence, swearing, and stuff out of nightmares. There's also frank discussion of disturbing real-life themes. This horror fan recommends Hometown for mature teens and adults of all ages.
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