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Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2015
There are lots of reasons to love Selena Kitt's writing;
She writes real characters. Her people seem like real people, with real emotions, that face real world situations and problems. Her characters are fully rounded and nuanced. They interact as real people act, with genuine responses and dialogue.
She addresses societal issues that are contemporary and topical. She is courageous in confronting controversy, and in asking her readers to examine their own feelings regarding our changing society, and our striving for love and acceptance.
Selena Kitt is unpredictable. Her stories often surprise, with plot and character twists that ask the reader to stretch their imagination. She does not follow formulaic writing styles. She writes FUN stories.
The sex she writes is really hot. The characters' emotional involvement in each other and the activities becomes as important as the descriptions of the physical responses. She involves the whole person in the sex.
In the latest edition of the Baumgartner family, we find "Doc" and Carrie in their "Empty Nest" and facing the questions and issues of a mid-life crisis. Add in to that a "blast from the past" of Carrie's life, from before she met Doc, and the stage is set for deep emotional drama. Naturally, Doc and Carrie handle things in their own unique way, with love and caring.
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