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Reviewed in the United States on October 26, 2021
This Reacher is very obviously not written by the original creator. He hesitates far too much about doing what needs to be done. He lets people live that would be better off dead (not the intended pun of the title, but very apt). He keeps wanting to get the police involved instead of handling the problem himself. He barely even looks at the woman he's reluctantly helping. As in, there's barely any physical description of her at all, besides her having a prosthetic foot.

It's not a horrible book, but this is just not the Reacher we knew and loved. His lack of concern about crossing lines to get the job done, his violence without hesitation or remorse, his unapologetic appreciation of women; that's what made him stand out and endure through so many books. I love the old Reacher enough that I'll give the new author another chance. But if he doesn't get him back in character soon, I will likely give up.
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