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Reviewed in the United States on May 9, 2010
Now, how many different things can happen in one novel. Sookie, waitress at a bar, is a telepath, whose life used to be bedeviled by her hearing people's thoughts. Once she entered into the world of supernaturals--vampires, weres, shape-shifters, fairies--she came to use her power as a tool. This volume, # 5 in the series, sees her facing many challenges.

First, several would-be or past boyfriends are showing their interest in her, including ex-lovers Bill (a vampire) and Eric (another vampire--and a boss) and bar owner Sam and one-time pretend boyfriend Alcide. Second, someone is shooting shapeshifters and weres--including one person actually killed. Third, someone is out to get Sookie, half burning her home to the ground (she would have perished in the flames but for some luck). Then, she gets shot (because she heard someone's unusual thoughts, she ducked in time to take the bullet in her shoulder rather than someplace where the wound would have been mortal. Fourth, there is a challenge for packmaster, with Alcide's father competing against someone who turns out to be a cheater. The winner becomes packmaster. And the loser? Well, losing carries a high price here. Fifth, two detectives are investigating the death of Alcide's old girlfriend (whom Sookie happened to kill with a shotgun as the other woman tried to shoot her).

Sookie is an attractive and sympathetic character. The vampires and other supernatural creatures are portrayed in a manner that is oddly effective, although certainly not realistic. The plots of these books tend to be somewhat incredible, with many different strands playing out. But the ensemble of characters works pretty well together and the books are quick reads.
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