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Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2017
I very much enjoyed this story it probably wasn't as great as the first or any of the others I've read so far but I have to say it was still all in all a good read Briec is doing some investigating work and comes across a lynching and decides to save the young woman that he had previously flirted with while walking through the town the day before and while she's being hanged the silver dragon drops down and scares the villagers and has them fleeing in terror while he grabs his prize and leaves not even bothering to remove the noose from her neck LOL he just carries her off by his tail until they're a safe distance away and then tells her oh by the way you're my prize now your life you owe to me and you will be mine until I say other wise. Briec is so arrogant it's hilarious some of the mess that comes out of his mouth if you're on Goodreads look me up and check out some of my highlights from this book if you would like to see what you have to look forward to
Jennifer Turner
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