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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 8, 2016
By the second page I knew I was in for a journey that would impact my daily life. God has a longing for me that is greater than any longing I have. I knew that in my head but it never quit stuck in my heart before.

When I first saw the title of the book, I admit I thought it would be an interesting read but maybe not hit where I'm at right now. Knowing it was written by Sheila Walsh made me want to pick it up. I was given a digital copy from the publisher, but not required to write a review. The book opened my eyes so much that I bought a physical copy at my own expense. It touched places of hurt that I didn't know were there. It gently made me want to let go of areas I knew I needed to in order for God to bring something so much better.

I've read many of Sheila's books, and this one is so open & so raw that at times my heart broke for her and what she has faced. She doesn't just draw on parts of her life from years ago, she's open about current struggles too. She opens up about things she's never talked about before. She weaves the story of David in with examples of her life so as readers we can see them apply to us. She also give accurate context of scripture so some things make much more sense than they once did. (Do you really know how tall Goliath was? Why does it matter so much? You'll have to read to find out.)
David is no longer just a shepherd, turned giant slayer, turned king to me. He's real. He had hurts, he made grave mistakes, and yet he was called a man after God's own heart.
This is a book I know I will be reading again because there is so much to take in. I've both been made aware of longings I never knew existed and received peace & healing that can only come from God. This is a book full of treasures.
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