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Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2018
For once, I agree with all the hype being given by paid pundits about a movie. "Call Me" is definitely worthy of all the of all the laudits and award nominations it has been given, and the individual actors give outstanding performances.

But, let there be no doubt, this is very much an adult production. And I am not referring to nudity or sexual portrayals, but to the emotions it represents. Having seen "Love, Simon," just a matter of days prior, the first comparison is that "Call Me" is neither light subject matter nor is it anything but a drama - and not a happy movie at its heart.

"Call Me" is definitely a movie about romance and first love, but it is not light material nor does it contain a happy ending. As a coming-of-age plot, it's as depressingly accurate as such events are in true life. And it truly is, at its most basic level, simply a story of 2 people falling in love. The background emotions are universal and not unique to either heterosexual nor homosexual love: the same story could have been between a young man and girl as it was the young man and boy, literally without changing any of the story.

And I must acknowledge my admiration, or outright confusion, regarding the actors. Their portrayals of the 2 principals are flawless, to the point that it is difficult to remember that both are heterosexual males. The onscreen chemistry is so unforced and the emotional bonding so realistic as to be contradictory to the current American mindset of males in that age bracket. It is truly a superb example of actors becoming their characters.

Would I recommend purchasing this movie? Definitely. "Call Me" needs, and deserves, to be watched over again, to be returned to for yet another viewing after being thought over and digested. There is much here to be experienced and thought over as the viewer ages and matures.
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