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Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 2020
Once again the A-Team of Seattle Violent Crimes Unit is short-handed. Tracy has been in court as a witness in a trial for a week. That meant that when a call came in that a woman had been murdered in the South Park section of Seattle, Del Castigliano (Del) and Vic Fazzio (Faz) were on call to investigate it.

Monique Rodgers was at the playground in the center of the courtyard of the apartment building where she and her family lived with several other mothers and their children. South Park is home to the Crips, the Surenos, and a couple of Asian gangs. Rodgers was trying to get help from the city to clean up the drug trafficking and break up the gangs, Del and Faz decided it was her activism that had gotten her some notoriety and was the reason for her death.

The complications are that in this area the Surenos are run by Little Jimmy, the son of Big Jimmy who was arrested by Faz, convicted, and sent to prison where he was killed in a fight. To make it worse, Del’s only sister’s daughter starts taking drugs, is sent to a rehab facility across the state, comes home clean and gets a job. Then her former boyfriend talks her into using her income to buy drugs.

Unfortunately, the drug she buys and uses is a very strong form of heroin - not the black tar heroin normally found on the West Coast. Her mother finds her dead in her room and Del is devastated. He finds it difficult to keep his mind on the investigation. He’s determined to find out where his niece obtained the heroin. If that’s not bad enough, Seattle begins to experience an epidemic of drug-related deaths and it appears all of them are the result of the same type of heroin that killed Del’s niece.

When Tracy, is finally through in court, she sets out to help Del and Faz. However, a friend of hers, Katie Pryor that she helped get a position in the Missing Persons Division, so she could have more time with her family, calls and asks to talk to her. She explains about a case filed by Aditi Dasgupta Banerjee, the missing person’s best friend. Aditi is almost certain that something serious has happened to her friend Kavita Mukherjee. Tracy is drawn in by the fact that this is a young woman who is missing. How will Tracy help Katie and work the murder/heroin case?

There’s no question that in both of these cases friends and family pay A Steep Price.
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