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Reviewed in the United States on February 20, 2020
Everyone knows that cars today are more plastic than ever before. Plastic is light weight, strong, rust free, and durable. And to secure many plastic panels, plastic fasteners are now more common than ever before.
But you need a special tool to effectively remove plastic fasteners, and you have to accept that in the process of removal, some fasteners will break (especially older and more brittle fasteners, and most frequently in winter months when they become super brittle).
So just as you likely have spare nuts and bolts around during repairs, you also need a good supply of these plastic fasteners too.
This particular group has the most common sizes and also includes the required removal tool. Sure, you could try using a flat head screwdriver to remove these, but you could also use a wrench as a hammer too. It just doesn't work well. With the proper tool, removal is easier, quicker, and you'll break fewer fasteners in the process.
Get this set just to have around. It's cheap, and it's so much easier than making an auto parts run in the middle of your project.
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