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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 12, 2018
Network protection is useless. I bought 3 of these P11VNT3 devices. I can't get link, not even 100Mbit link, through any of them. I tried a ton of patch cables, and various devices. Take a device that is on a switch, pull the patch, add another patch, and connect back in. No matter what, I could never get link on multiple switches and devices. I checked here and see oh, it's only supposed to be 10/100. Well that's bull I think, We've been using gigabit for 15 years or so. "Ethernet" in 2018, implies the inclusion of gbit. Regardless, I can't even get link at 100mbit. I opened support case with APC which was beyond useless. After I explained all of my extensive testing with multiple devices and patch cables, all they say is "I recommend you to bypass all three units and connect it to equipment. So that we can check whether the fault is with the unit or cable." Really?!? Did you read it all? Then I couldn't get any further responses. Stay away from these devices if you want to protect your network.
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