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Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2014
*mild spoilers*

I love the whole series. Alissa and Colin are certainly my favorite couple of the 3 (though I love them all).

Although Alissa started out in this series as an emotional mess, in some ways she really ended up the most level-headed of the female protagonists. Don't get me wrong; they are each a separate slice of nut-pie with a huge dollop of crazy-cream on top. But that's what makes them so endearing. All three had their challenges and struggles. For some reason, I feel like I was able to get into Alissa's psyche, most.

As, in the other 2 books, I LOVES me some Rebel Wheels boys. Colin turned out so much more complex and cerebral than expected. Not to mention, I am always a sucker for a sensitive artist (slash grease monkey, slash unhinged hot-head with an untamed fist).

LOVED all the characters in all the books. Even the "bad guys," because they were great to hate.
Yea, Jersey made an appearance!
Charity: the strong, wise beyond her years teen. Nice touch.
Kudos for giving an unborn baby such personality. Casey brought life to the strange (and not always comfortable) pregnancy emotions and sensations.
Tea & Quin. A couple of obnoxious and pushy b-words, but super big hearts. Great friends to have in your corner!

Pleasantly surprised about Charlie's folks. The sequences from Alissa' s first interactions with them, through the birth scene, to their hospital visit had me in tears. Touching stuff.

Of course, Elle Casey's signature humor always gets me. The "sexy time" was both hot and tasteful.

Quite often, I get antsy toward the end of a Casey series. I enjoy all her books like crazy, but I find myself with a ton of unanswered questions and I just can't fathom how Ms Casey will wrap it up. Suddenly, the book is over and there is a big red bow wrapped around it. And I am content and happy. How does she do that?

Regarding the tardiness of this deadline... Oh, poof. You just take your sweet old time, girl. You have been spoiling your fans rotten. Take time for yourself. Work those masterpieces. We will be here, waiting!

Thanks for another fun series! Love!
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