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Reviewed in the United States on April 10, 2010
I have seen part one over 20 times. I cannot say that I will be watching this movie more than I have to. There was so much they could have done. The movie was quite cheesy and predictable. It's like they took the script of part one and rewrote the scenes but in different settings. For example, the best scene in part one is when they fight in the air-duct pipe and fall down hanging from the ropes. Part two, they fight in a wooden crate, it falls down and breaks open.
Then they had the dumb corny characters like the guy sunbathing in speedos, just stupid.
They tried to force us to love the characters, e.g. Detective Greenly, he's just annoying, very unlikeable character, when he died the other characters cried to a dramatic effect to make us love the character. It didn't work.
This was obvious when watching the extras, Troy Duffy talks about how he's buddies with the actor that played Greenly, so basically, he adapted the script to please his buddies. It's like he wrote the script with one purpose, to get-together, have fun and reminice over the first movie instead of focusing on a script that takes the second movie to another level. I honestly cannot believe the same writer wrote both movies.
Don't bother buying the movie, rent it watch it once and see what you think.
Troy Duffy you have murdered one of the greatest movies of all time.
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