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Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2020
This is the final book in a five part series and I’m basically reviewing it as one big story, because it IS one big story! I will say that Linsey if very good at leaving you with cliffhangers, but she starts each book off well, so if you start on number three, you don’t feel lost. You’ll just have missed out!

This is essentially a romance between Carrow, a detective wannabe who discovers she has magical powers, and Grey, aka the Devil of Darkvale, a tall dark and handsome, hunky vampire. They are “Cursed Mates” who are at first unsure about the attraction, but as it grows stronger and Carrow figures out about her magical powers, they go through adventures on the road to figuring out how to break the “Cursed” part.

I read into the wee hours last night, not getting out of bed the next day until after 6:00 reading the last half of the series. There was much I SHOULD have been doing...oh well, it will just have to wait until tomorrow!

My one little nit pick - Carrow and Grey travel back to 1642 at one point. Carrow makes a comment about the furnishings of the time, and Grey says yes, they were “staider” back then. He should have said “more staid”. I can see Carrow saying “staider”, but not Grey. 😉
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