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Reviewed in the United States on September 21, 2017
I like this romance, even though they seem to have too much in common. For example, Kenzie and Camden both have crazy exes and happy sisters. Kenzie’s parents think she is the black sheep, so she hires a man to be her date for her sister's wedding. Instead of an escort she was planning to hire, she ends up meeting Camden, a billionaire who doesn't tell her who he is. He goes with her as her date. At the wedding, Kenzie’s jerk of an ex shows up to the wedding and arranges for her to have dinner with his mother by lying about his father's health. This makes Kenzie seem so dumb; she not only goes back and forth from her exe’s dinner to her sister's shower, but she also agrees to go to his family reunion. Although this makes for some humor in the book, it makes the characters look stupid. Plus, Kenzie and Camden both like each other, but Kenzie keeps running away. Yet, he also always seemed to be taking her back after she unceremoniously leaves him several times. They also have a period where they couldn’t contact each other and have a lot of misunderstandings which just seems unnecessary for the story.
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