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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2020
I was hoping for an anthology that would contain stories that were a bit more uplifting. that doesn't mean I expected them to be happy all the way through but I didn't think that they would be quite as depressing as they were. Did anyone really think that Grendel story was hopeful? This was a showcase for new writers for the most part from what I could tell. They were decent but I probably won't be buying their books. There are a couple specific things I'd note about this anthology.

I love Sharon Shinn, but I generally prefer her novels and that's the case here. Her story in this was too short to contain all it needed to.

Pat Briggs is an amazing writer and when I started reading her story you could feel the talent and experience coming through. I hate werewolf stories but I loved this one because she can pretty much make me love anything she writes.

There were a few writers that I've never run across before whose stories I enjoyed. I'm not saying these were literary marvels but rather stories that did what they came to accomplish, which is a lot harder than people think. Kudos to Larry Correia, Jonathan Maberry, Kaey Ezell, Griffin Barber and William McCaskey. The McCaskey started a little weak but ended with probably the strongest finish in the book. Barber's story makes me want to read more of that imaginative universe, so as soon as I finish this review I'm going to go off and look for other books of his.
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