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Reviewed in the United States on August 30, 2015
Arrived very quickly and were very easy to install. I bought 4 units, one for each corner of the house and mounted them on the soffit. Due to my conditions I had to make a mounting plate to attach the light unit to and seal around it to prevent moisture and bugs from entering in but that was easy. They are very sensitive even to 30'+ out and at an wide angle from the unit. They're not as bright as the old flood lights that they replaced but since those were 75-150 watts per bulb this is more than adequate for security purposes we wanted. They do not illuminate the entire yard as the old flood lights did so if that is your intention these might not be for you. They do well for close illumination (20' or so from the house) if there is movement there you should be able to see it then they shut off according to the setting you chose. If we want to see beyond that distance we need a stronger light. Bottom line; they're good for security and low energy consumption but not for entire yard illumination unless your yard is very small. I have two criticisms:

1: they come on day and night when they detect movement. I'd prefer that they only come on at night, day time is useless but since the energy consumption is low we can live with it. Sometimes the asphalt driveway gets so hot it seems to interfere and cause them to stay lit during the day.

2: On the rear of my house the soffit is at a steep pitch therefore the lights are too but the sensor doesn't pivot in that direction so it remains at the same angle as the soffit causing the 270 degree angle to run roughly 45 degrees from the ground instead or parallel. You can compensate for it with the lights but not the sensor thus reducing it's effectiveness. A sensor that pivots not only vertically and horizontally (2 dimensional) but "twists" to compensate for roof pitch would be helpful.
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