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Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2003
If you are wondering what the pro and con of a Snow Day are. Then here they are. The pro is you get a day off from school. The con is that you will have to go back 2 to school at the end of the year to make up for the Snow Day(s). But suppose if you worked a job (other than being a teacher or other staff member at a school), I'm not sure on how it would be worked if they had to close for a snow day to. In Snow Day there are kids, teenagers and adults who are rivals for what they want. The kids want to enjoy the snow day, but their rival is the evial snowplowman (Chris Elliot). There's a high school student named Hal (Mark Webber) who has now a new girlfreind that seems to don't know that he lives. And he has to go up against her ex-boyfriend (David Paetkau) to win her. While his dad Tom Brandson (Chevy Chase) who wants to wear pants while he does the wheather but his boss (Pam Grier) that tells him to get the rating of his rival and she will let him wear pants on the air.
My thoughts on Snow Day are, that if you like movies with people going up against rivals and enjoyed Snow Day, I reccomend you to watch Max Keeble's Big Move. Watching Chevy Chase playing a whatherman who wears costumes on air reminds me of Max Keeble's dad. Because Max's dad had to wear costumes to work at times. My Suggestions: Parents if your kids want to watch a film, I reccomend you to know what the rating is. And toi watch the film ahead of time and decide to let your kids watch a film that doesn't have a G rating (like this). Snow Day is a good movie to watch if you like movies in which characters go up against thier "rivals" to get what they want like this and Max Keeble's Big Move. Or if you have a kid that like Nicolden's films I also reccomend you to let your kids watch this. Or this is a good movie to watch, if you are a fan of a actor or actress that is in this film. So if it is any of the above reasons, I strongly reccomed you to watch this movie. Even if it is not a snow day.
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