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Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2021
This story made me nervous in the opening few chapters, as it waded into political hot topics. Since I’m quite tired of hearing all things politics right now (2020 was RoUgH, y’all), I was worried that this book would be a slog to muddle through. However, I was happily surprised that the tough political topics in this story were handled quite well. These topics included pro-life vs. abortion; controversial historical monument; alcoholism; and job loss. I won’t be so worried the next time Mrs. Hannon touches on tough topics, because now I know she’s a professional who knows how to frankly discuss hot topics with grace, confidence, and strong Christian values.

I really enjoyed the leads in this one. They had differing ideals and perspectives, yet that opened up the dialogue. Each of them had to reconsider their own stance and determine if they were right, wrong, or some mix of the two. It was great to see the conflict, drama, and intrigue this “battle” between them created.

The elderly neighbor, Pete Wallace, made my heart ache. His journey with grief and age issues was tough, heartfelt, and so emotional for me. I really enjoyed him.

Triggers: alcoholism, suicide, abortion, addiction

Content: sexual innuendo, replacement expletives, profanity, alcohol, alcoholism, suicide, substance abuse
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