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Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2021
When Vijay gives up his title, the Beast, it’s due to the teenager bullies of the neighborhood he withdraws into himself. His sister and friends can’t get him to respond to them. That same night Nate breaks his leg to chase after a monster he saw. No one believes him. Then others see the monster. The unknown monster is roaming in the cardboard kingdom when it gets dark. The monster is horrible looking with claws or wings or tentacles? The individual sees different things when looking at the monster. What is this monster? Even though Halloween is soon, the kids become monster mashers. They will go to any length to save the kingdom and get the monster. Why is there a monster? How did it get there? And did someone create the monster? If so, who?

The author or authors writes about the difficulties of little kid becoming big kid. The transition also causes them to question internally. It’s never easy transiting from little to big to teenager to adult. Hopefully this will help those kids who read this know that they aren’t the only ones to wonder about growing up.
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