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Reviewed in the United States on October 6, 2017
Ok I was new to having a dog when I got the crate and cover and thought this was a goods set up. Not so much. The cover fits the crate perfectly but if you have a chewer , he will pull at it and tear at it and it will tear easily. This isn’t the biggest problem! As my chocolate lab grew from 6 weeks to 5 months, so did his breath output inside the crate at night. He came out of the crate one evening when I was going to take him for a 3am walk (I work 3rd shift and family puts him away earlier)and he smelled like MILDEW!! Now I thought he just got into something and was just dirty. I gave him a bath and dried him the best I could. I washed his bedding as well.... but it never really went away. In the next couple of weeks he developed a red bump rash all over his body. We went to the vet and got antibiotics and she asked if he got wet and didn't dry off.. Then I did the math. THIS COVER DOES NOT BREATHE! and like tents you'd use for camping in the early 80s where you'd wake up in the morning with condensation on the inside... This cover creates a moisture sauna!! This breeds bacteria and then the skin infection started. Its good for short periods but you can't use it for nightly bedtime... again…IT DOESNT BREATHE! and if he spills his water bowl hanging inside it makes the moisture problem worse! I now just use a cotton sheet.. Be careful!!
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