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Reviewed in the United States on January 19, 2017
This is a science fiction story that takes place in a dystopian type universe. A coalition of planets are inhabited by all kinds of creatures but only some of them get described. The politics of this world are not clear but the different governments employ a league of assassins who operate within a strange code of conduct. They are allowed to kill the civilians they are contracted to kill but not each other unless it's in self defense and blood was drawn. The league trains its assassins to be killing machins with no feelings. To do it, They take young boys and treat them horrendously.
Nyk is a master assassin with a nightmarish past. The atrocious descriptions of abuse he suffered before he was taken to be trained by the league and after were hard to read. He is a hybrid, part human and part another race, and he is despised by both. He trusts no one and doesn't let anyone get close to him. He kills without mercy but has a soft spot for kids.
Kiara is a princes and a famous dancer. She is the doughter of a general and has a horrible past too. Her mother and she were kidnapped by assassins when Kiara was a little girl and they made her watch as they tortured and killed her mother, then shot her and left her for dead.
Kiara's life is threatened again when a government that wants to put pressure on her father hires assassins to kills her. Her father hires Nyk and his crew to protect her. Nyk is attracted to her but is afraid to let her get close to him and doesn't dare touch her. He was raised thinking he was worthless. He saves her life many times and she tries to get close to him but he pushes her away.
A sad but well written and engaging story.
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