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Reviewed in the United States on December 13, 2020
I was really excited after reading the positive reviews on these scissors, as I have been searching for the best "coupon-cutting" scissors for a long time. It's not a big ask- coupon paper is super-thin; it's just that after awhile of using scissors (on any media), my hand will start to cramp if the scissors are stiff. These were great- for a couple of days. Then they started to feel like a rusty wrench- hard to open, hard to close. And don't even think about cutting paper that has any kind of adhesive on it (i.e. scotch tape)- most of the tape it touches will transfer to the scissor edge. Then you either have to clean it with rubbing alcohol or a scrubbie, soap, and water. I thought they were a great value because you get "3 for the price of 1." Well, it's not a value if it's junk.
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