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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 3, 2021
Ironically I never saw this film until today. Only due to the post-credit scene in Venom 2 (which I will not spoil here) is why I decided to rent the first film and give it a try.

It's ... okay. Not a great movie, but not bad either. Surely better than the Venom depicted in Spider Man 3.

In the comics, Venom is defined by his time bonded to Peter Parker. It's why he has a white spider symbol on his chest. It is also why he shoots tendrils and can climb walls. Is why he hates Parker so much. Symbiotes learn from all their previous hosts.

Without these, they had to start anew ... to mixed results. No spider symbol is fine, no big deal to have Venom be missing that. The tendrils kinda make sense as they made him an Amorphic life form. His motivation is WAY off which took away from the film.

The symbiotes here are apparently space travelers going from planet to planet ... eating everyone. This is the whole motivation which is given, briefly, in an exposition to Eddie from Venom. If they can't eat someone else, they eat their hosts from the inside. This is contradictory since it is also stated they can't survive in our atmosphere without a host. Except Eddie, who is apparently a perfect host for Venom. Yet Venom is apparently killing Eddie... or maybe not... it's never made clear if Venom is lying or the human doctor is mistaken.

Later in the film Venom decided he doesn't want to eat everyone on Earth and will help kill The Big Bad. When Eddie asks him why, he simply says "because of you Eddie". This is confusing as NONE of Eddie's actions have been, up to this point, heroic, noble, or basically anything that would of shown Venom the good side of humanity. We get an ending where Venom seemingly dies to save Eddie, even saying goodby, but next scene Venom is just fine with no explanation as to what happened.

A great performance by Tom and good CGI are hindered by the weak script. The plot holes suffering from their inability to reference anything MCU or Spider-man related. Even the end credit scene is a shameless plug for the animated Spider-verse movie.... which has more to do with Sony than Venom.

After seeing this I will probably wait til I can rent Venom 2 here. I just don't see the sequel to be worth a trip to the movies based off how the franchise started here. 3 stars
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