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Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2021
It's a B-movie. Accept for what it is. Anyone who gives this movie 1 or 2 stars hasn't seen very many bad B movies. It's obvious by some of the comments that those who were hyper-critical weren't really paying attention. For ex. a reviewer said the lead was "ultra controlling" and didn't tell her partner about things she was seeing. Well, she did. A random ball roll out of the shadows, then she looks up and sees someone, then says "hey, there's a man" and the two decide what to do next. Not controlling....though she was the officer in charge and in the "control" room.

It had plot holes and some things weren't explained. However, the 2 MCs didn't have everything explained to them, either. The story got right to the point. There was no long, useless, backstory or random conversations in a misguided attempt to character build. Everything you learned about the MCs was all pertinent to the plot and you still knew they were friends/co-workers who trusted each other.

Creepy old building, psycho old doctor, ghosts, shadows, missing people, and panicked MCs that were put together with some thought.
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