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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 31, 2016
I've spent 2016 in the Psalms and this is one of the sources I used to embellish my understanding of these fabulous "songs of Jesus." I'm a huge fan of Tim Keller's biblical teaching that I knew he and Kathy would provide wonderful insights.

The Kellers covered many of the Psalms across multiple days. Typically, they would provide 5-10 verses of the Psalm, a short 150 word devotional and relevant closing prayer. There was a gem of wisdom on most days that helped shine some insight into God's character.

They share in the Introduction the following:

"We are not simply to read psalms; we are to be immersed in them so that they profoundly shape how we relate to God. The psalms are the divinely ordained way to learn devotion to our God."

And this devotional does indeed help the reader to immerse themselves in the Psalms. Rarely did I simply walk away upon meditating on the day's reading rather it would lead me to greater praise, reflection and desire for the Lord.

If you are planning to immerse yourselves in the Psalms may I encourage you to grab a copy of "The Songs of Jesus."
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