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Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2021
Rebels Creed was a fantastic ride from the beginning. The world that had been teased at in BoP got a ton of flesh added and the pacing (which I found jarring at times in BoP) was very smooth. Daniel also managed to keep his strengths from BoP and even improve on them. The characters were remarkably well done, the tone and setting were dark without feeling ridiculous or overdone, and the horror and combat were both presented incredibly well. I thoroughly enjoyed this outing and I cannot wait to see what Greene puts out next. He went from a good first book (technically novella, I guess) to an outstanding book 2, and I am all sorts of ready to see if/how he continues to improve. That said, even if Greene plateaus at this level of quality, I will gladly purchase anything else he releases.
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