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Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2019
Hosts start out awesome and looked like it could be by far the best Repairman Jack novel. We find Jack in the middle of a mass shooting where he ends up stopping the shooter- and it is all told from the POV of a reporter. Following this, the reporter wants to use Jack to propel his career.

Unfortunately the book then starts to go downhill. The main case involves Jack's sister whose female lover has been acting strange since her brain surgery, but is it a natural result of the surgery, or something more sinister?

The problem is that there are so many sideline stories that the main case gets very little page time. The entire sub-plot of the brothers out for revenge is wasted page space. And while the reporter is an interesting character with an interesting arc, alot of pages are again wasted on unimportant information (his rivalry with co-worker, his new GF, etc).

Even with the lackluster plot that tried to do too much, the book could of been good- except for that ending. No spoilers, but it made large portions of the book irrelevant.

O and there is a ton of pro-gun agenda within.
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