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Reviewed in the United States on July 13, 2021
Great air fryer! What I love about this air fryer is, that it is very compact to fit in our small kitchen in our apartment with very limited counter space, but is still large enough for more then 2 people. It is also is easy to use and is light weight! I don’t understand the negative reviews about dried up food and difficult to use posts since I am somewhat electronically challenged and have no difficulty at all operating this air fryer. I make home made fries in it, heat bread in it, bake chicken in it besides tofu and other things. Everything always comes out perfect. The 5 year warranty is a plus and there was no toxic odor when I first used it and it is pretty quiet. The company is very consumer oriented and will bend over backwards willing to solve a problem, should you have one, as I myself can vouch for that, having dealt with Carol about a small issue I had with a part of my air fryer, which got resolved quickly. I highly recommend this air fryer and it doesn’t brake the bank which is nice, the price is right!
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