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Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2020
So I don’t write reviews often. In fact, only when the product is either exceptional or terrible, will I muster the time and energy to proclaim my thoughts about it. In regards to this “gem” of a book, I am honestly quite shocked at all the positive reviews it has gotten. This is by far one of the worst series I have ever read. There’s not one ounce of scary. There’s not even a crumb of anything remotely good, with the exception of Russian Dollhouse. That story was at least entertaining. I tried. I really tried to like this book. Each story I anticipated that maybe it will be mind-blowing or heck, even good. But alas, I walked away thoroughly disappointed. I have read much better content from the No Sleep Reddit forum from amateur authors. Apparently, I’m in the minority of how folks think of this book. If you’re looking for a light weight ghost story to bide the time, this one doesn’t even reach that bar. Look elsewhere. Thank goodness Audible let me exchange this piece work.
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