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Reviewed in the United States on May 22, 2020
The vacuum itself is fantastic. It works great. I only gave it one stars because once you need parts, things get really bad. I lost the little donut on the end of the brush, it was $1.85 part, ordered online from samsung, and it was $20 to get it shipped. The vacuum roller will not work without that part. Then, despite me paying for rush shipping, it took over 8 weeks to arrive.
fast forward to a couple weeks ago, and the brush is making a terrible noise. I think the bearings are going out on it. So I log into Samsung to get the part, expecting an 8 week + turn around time, and what do you know....the brush replacement is $75!!!! Plus shipping.
Then this morning, my ordered was canceled. no explanation why, just a random email saying your order has been canceled.
My $400 vacuum is useless without the ability to get parts. Makes me miss having a Hoover and Sears right down the street. So I can't give this thing the stars I deserves for performance. If I spend $400 on a vacuum, I expect it to work for many years, with the occasional parts replacement. I mean the thing runs daily, whereas I would use my hoover once or twice a week. So you know parts are going to be needed. But when it is so painful and expensive to get them, plus time, plus canceled orders. It's just not worth it. $75 for a crappy little replacement brush? Are you out of your damn minds?!?
I do own two of these, and as they die, I will be replacing with something Made in America, and I will price parts replacements first.
Buyer beware.
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