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Reviewed in the United States on March 28, 2019
In 2003, some fellow takes baby from 'covert facility'. Because these 'cops' are Romanian, they chase and shoot at guy carrying baby. Romania in 2003 is very gender diverse, as we can see with 'top cop' being 'tough as nails' woman.

Man later gets into vehicle, and drives through forest that has very little foliage, but somehow provides cover from Romanian 'cops' and 'tough as nails' woman 'cop'.

Tension builds as man gets to 'opening' in forest. Man proceeds to go across 'forest' (in futuristic car) and make very nice engine revving sounds, getting up to amazingly fast speed of 70 km/h. These speeds, it is close to supersonic.

Baby becomes 'tough as nails' girl, that is still sad when killing Bambi for dinner. It is Romania.
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