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Reviewed in the United States on December 28, 2016
This is a really neat little camera, however:
- There is not a viewing window, so you can't see the photos that you took unless you connect it to a device that has a USB port (her Kindle has a mini USB so she can't use that to view them) or a computer.
- There are no instructions included, so we've had to google how to use the camera.
- If there is film in the camera it will print every single picture you take. The cost to print one wallet size photo is about a dollar as a 20 pack of film is 19.99 at my nearest Rite Aid. When you can't even be sure that the photo you are taking is one that is any good this is frustrating.
- It does not come with a mini SD card so you will have to buy one.

Battery life is good, the camera is sturdy enough for our 12 year to not break it right away. We are considering returning it however because of the items above. Perhaps had I read more reviews I would have realized before we bought it.
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