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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on December 23, 2019
People who read this series only to re-experience the "formula" of the previous books: "Oh no, emergency, wallow in agony, hey here's an idea, Book fixed!" Will not be disappointed, we have a bit of that for the first half. People who are tired of the formula and want the story to move on and do something different, you will REALLY not be disappointed, wow. People who want to know more, have questions answered, etc... there is even a (very) small nod to you at the very end to keep you happy.

That said, if you like the ending, and are not angry/devastated, than I wonder if you actually read the first books? It is good to feel negative things because of the ending. BUT PLEASE!!!! do not direct that anger towards Craig, give him the benefit of the doubt, expect that the next couple books will pick up where this left off, and pay off in the end. IF the next few books do not pay off and he goes Game Of Thrones on us then maybe come back and say "This is where it all went wrong". But for know be thankful that an author has given us a series so good that this book is able to punch you in the gut, that shows how much he has already touched your soul. Recover from the punch, and lets see where it goes!

Then again some people live to complain and be unhappy, no pleasing you in that case... Except Craig did please you! He gave you another place to shout your endless complaints into the void for us to ignore!
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