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Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2018
We are way past the baby proofing stage but we purchased a deeply discounted refrigerator from one of the box hardware stores. It was deeply discounted because someone bought it, requested to have the door open the opposite way which required the store to remove the hinges and install them on the other side of the fridge. We bought it as a second fridge for our large 5 person (3 teens) family to keep in garage. Long story short the door to the freezer and fridge would fall open all the time. Someone would walk by it and it would pop open. So I bought these straps to add a 'latch' to each of the doors. They were easy to install and are easy to open. No more problems with finding the doors open and fridge in defrost mode. I'm a little concerned how long the adhesive will work but so far they are rock solid. ON a humorous note, I had to show 2 of the teens how to open the latches (I'm thinking it's more due to laziness on their part because the latches pop open easily when done right). So if two teens can't open them I'm guessing it should keep a toddler from getting into trouble for a little while.
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