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Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2014
Merry is fully back in the mix of faerie even as she is most definitely outside of it. She and her guards have returned to LA and are trying to make the best of that situation. For some of them, like Rhys and Galen, the outside world isn't new because they've experienced it before, but for others like Doyle and Frost, well, the modern world is full of surprises.

I love the way that the characters develop in this series almost as much as I love the story line itself. These amazing sidhe warriors are infallible and have fears like the rest of us. It is fascinating to see that play out amidst the modern streets of LA.

In this book, we meet Maeve Reed and we start to see a bit more of the dirt under the King of Light and Illusion's rug. There are parts of this book that seem inconsequential now that become hugely important later (which is something I love about Hamilton's writing overall).

There are terrors even the sidhe fear, and we meet some of those in this story, but for me, the bigger story is the characters and how they interact and how they come into themselves as the tale progresses.
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