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Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2018
Hummm, I wanted to love it and was hopeful when I got it. It seemed to read high by about 10 points. I did many reading over many days, with no readings less than 30 minutes apart and always measuring same time of the day, using the same arm and sitting position. So, I took it to my doc appt to compare and yes reads about 10 points high. After talking to the doc, here is what I learned.

- In this doc office the do comparisons on these units brought in by patients, all of them read 5 to 15 points high
- Per the instructions with the unit and the doc, dont repeat measurements on the same arm in less than 15 minutes or so. So why does Omron have the 3 auto measurement function that averages the readings take 2 minutes apart?????? Seems to be a worthless function.
- In general, accuracy of these units, of any brand, is only plus or minus 5 to 15 points. So dont expect perfection.

Bottom line for me, this unit was as accurate as my old Panasonic, so I will continue to use my Panasonic. Given my adjusted expectations of digital pressure cuffs, here were the deal breakers for me and the Omron:

- batteries went dead inside a few weeks, Panasonic batteries last me for a year or more
- bluetooth would not automatically reconnect, had to push buttons on the Omron each time
- would get a cuff error if it wasnt snug enough....pretty snug. Never happened with the Panasonic

So I returned the Omron and kept my Panasonic EW3109W. FYI I have had my Panasonic since 2011. We also bought one for a medical mission trip to Haiti and took 500 readings over a week, with one set of batteries, without a hitch. I will also buy a manual cuff with stethoscope to do occasional accurate checks. I have done this before and it was, in the end, the most reliable method once you learn to do it properly.
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