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Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2015
What happened to Laurell Hamilton? Its almost like someone else has written her last few books. I have everything she has ever written and have re-read them. The last few books were just bad. One was nothing but sex sex sex. Like most people I enjoy that part of her books but the original reason we fell in love with Anita Blake was that she was a ass-kicking slaying machine. These books have evolved into nothing but Anita juggling her men while we hear from every male she comes in contact with how "goddess like" Anita is. Personally the number of men she juggles in both her series is just ridiculous. I get that Laurell Hamilton is in a poly relationship. Good for you. That doesn't mean that your character that used to be loved for what she did job-wise not sex-wise has to be screwing anything with a penis or vagina.

I've heard that Laurell no longer has her books edited and maybe that's part of it. Or just the fact that she's written so many that she thinks she can vomit this drivel out and people will continue reading it. I used to pre-order her books and when they would arrive my family had to leave me alone until I finished them. Now I find I could care less when/if I read them. Not a fan anymore. If you can't get Anita back more into the mode I loved in the beginning I won't be reading any more of her books. I don't expect Anita to be the somewhat prudish woman she was in the beginning of the book. What I am asking and I believe a lot of Laurell's fans are asking is to give the sex angle a freaking break please!
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