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Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2011
The story of identical twins got my attention, and is the reason I purchased this book. It was so slow, that I nearly stopped half way through. I kept reading because I was curious, and I read it on the Kindle, where it is a little more difficult to peek forward!

It was just plain corny. A perfect estate on the Hudson in NY. Two beautiful, glamorous, rich twins -- perfect in every way -- from the tiny waists to beautiful hair, delicate features, impeccable taste, horseback riding skills, blah, blah, blah. However, they are completely identical except for a small mole -- and except for their personalities. Olivia is the perfect attentive daughter, perfect flawless hostess, perfect sensitive sister, homemaker, etc. Victoria is the opposite--a completely self absorbed beauty searching for excitement in the early 1900's.
Victoria falls in love with a dashing, but very-married scoundrel. She gets pregnant, he dumps her, and (after a miscarriage) she narrowly avoids a huge scandal by being forced to marry the very guy her dear sister secretly loves. Of course, he's handsome, smart, successful, wonderful, and wants a mother for his perfect son.
After the perfect wedding, Victoria just can't get over the dastardly married guy who very cruelly and callously dumped her. Her new husband knows it all and still wants to make the marriage work, even though she completely avoids the dear boy, and rejects her understanding husband.
Most of the book leads up to the SWITCH, which is a fairly obvious after all the endless blathering about how identical they are. It seems like the author is just trying to add pages by rehashing how breathtakingly beautiful the twins are, how identical they look, how they switched when they were kids, etc. Over and over and over and over and over again.
There are a lot of errors in the editing -- maybe the conversion to the Kindle through some sort of OCR. Some words just pop up and mean nothing.
This is my first (and probably only) Danielle Steel novel.
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