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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 4, 2017
There is so much to this story that it is hard for me to separate out what tugged at my heart the most. Megan Anderson is having a hard day at the non-profit animal shelter where she works. She has just rescued a German Shepherd and brought him back to the shelter even though it really has no room for him. In walks a well-dressed business-type who is looking to 'unload' an adorable chocolate lab Christmas puppy. For the first time ever she goes off on someone who is looking to bring a pet in. After their contentious encounter both of them are hoping never to see each other again. But, as luck would have it, his teenage daughter wants her puppy back and another visit to the shelter ensues. Megan learns that he is not the hard-hearted ogre that she took him for and he learns that it's possible to open his heart again. This well written book covers the loss of child, the lingering sadness and despair of losing a parent, and the sometimes tragic stories behind pet rescues. Somehow it manages to do all that without being maudlin or preachy. Megan is a breath of fresh air. I absolutely loved her. Craig Williams is perfect as the father who wants to do right by his children but sometimes gets it we all do. Craig's children are realistically portrayed and I felt drawn to them. Even Craig's ex-wife is well done. Instead of portraying her as a scheming witch, as so many writers do, she is shown to be a flawed but still loving mother. The portrayal of pet rescue people is wonderful. This is a cause close to my heart and I loved the way it was done. All-in-all, a really terrific read.

For those interested: There is sex but nothing graphic. I would rate it PG.
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