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Reviewed in the United States on December 19, 2021
Reading the anthology Come On In: 15 Stories About Immigration and Finding Home edited by Adi Alsaid felt like I was sitting at a huge banquet sized table at a huge dinner party listening to people tell stories all night long. It was a fantastic experience. I learned so much from the many different perspectives and experiences shared in the stories. There was laughter, pain, fear and joy throughout the 15 stories about immigration.

Amazing Flow
Even though the stories in Come On In were written by 15 different authors, it had an amazing flow from one story to another. I was introduced to authors that I will now seek out additional work by them. As a learner, I am so glad that I read this anthology.

Centering Joy, Recognizing The Full Spectrum Of Immigration Stories
This might have been why I was able to make my way through this anthology and read all of the stories so quickly. There are a lot of stories out there that only center trauma and abuse that can occur during a migration experience depending on who you are and where you are coming from. That is not to take away from an individual’s story, this anthology just honored that there is more than one type of immigration story.

This set of stories went way beyond that and focused on themes of home, family, and love. These stories occupy the full spectrum of what the immigration experience can be or feel like. There are stories from characters who were too young to remember emigrating and from characters who are actively immigrating in the story. Some stories discuss the impact of characters who are American but who are not seen as such by ignorant eyes. Some stories discuss how families deal with the impact of immigration on their lives.
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