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Reviewed in the United States on December 25, 2017
LKH has two series: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, and now Merry Gentry, Princess of Faerie.This is Book #1, on sale as a Kindle edition. I own all of LKH's books in book form, and I often re-read the Merry Gentry series. There is a much better development of characters in the MG series, in comparison to the AB series.

Note that not all of the MG books involve a murder mystery in the plot; much of the series revolves around the dangerous and uncertain politics of the Faerie courts that Merry must maneuver through. This book lays out her reasons for fleeing Faerie, but her position as a Royal means there is no permanent escape. She is dragged back into that dangerous world of intrigue, even as she tries to balance it with her human-world job as a private agency detective.

The MG series shows off Ms. Hamilton's writing at her best. You really feel Merry's fear and anxieties as she tries to be part of two worlds: the human world she knows well, having actually attended college and graduated with a degree, versus the beautiful but deadly courts of immortal Faerie, the place Merry almost died, growing up as a despised half-human but who could not be ignored because of her Royal blood. This tension of being between two worlds is gripping, and how Merry matures through the series is realistically handled.

There are multiple sex partners - a given with Ms. Hamilton - but the number is much more manageable in the MG books. Readers will find it easier to not only remember the names of her lovers, but their personalities and appearances. This is in sharp contrast to the Anita Blake series, which has gone on much too long and become overly complex, with so many sex partners for Anita it's almost impossible to keep them all straight, let alone care much about the last two dozen or so.

No so with the Merry Gentry series. Ms. Hamilton introduces the main characters and they will remain the focus through all the books, giving this series a much stronger storyline. Come along for the ride, it's an exciting and addictive read!
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