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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2017
I don't normally write a lot of product reviews , however after finishing this extraordinary book I really don't have a choice. First off, I've read numerous real life accounts of men's time in the military. I have come to expect these stories to be different versions of the same story with perhaps a few personal wrinkles added in. What sets this book apart is the authors courage to let us inside his psyche as he bears his vulnerability, strained allegiences, and own moral character as he leads these men into battle. The units dynamics as laid out in clear, concise, stages for all to see. The author does a truly professional job of letting know how irratating many of the platoons internal and external challenges were without ever losing site of his overall responsibility to lead his men professionally. I was amazed by his ability to not give in to more immediate primal instinct for revenge in lieu of the long term physcological scars his men would had to have endured. Not simply a recounting of military skirmishes but a commentary on who we are .
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