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Reviewed in the United States on October 29, 2020
The Ruin of Delicate Things by Beverly Lee
This is a stunningly thrilling and spine tingling read. It is a story of loss, grief, shattered relationships, marital failure and ultimately retribution for terrible acts from the past. Dan and Faye have lost their son and Faye blames Dan. Dan has encouraged them to spend some quiet time together at the cottage he was bequeathed by his strange Aunt Lucinda, who he hasn’t seen since he was 14, a time when something terrible happened. He can’t quite remember what and has held on to enchanted memories of his aunt’s cottage and his summers there in the forest, near his family home of Barrington Hall. The minute they arrive at the cottage, things seems out-of-kilt and other-worldly in a dark way. I loved the slower pace in the beginning, building the suspense, creating the setting, the state of Faye and Dan Morgan’s marriage, after the loss of their son. These earlier pages offer wonderful and goose-bump inducing foreshadowing. The descriptions of Dan’s aunt’s cottage, called Fairies End, and the truly tingling and gothic descriptions of Barrington Hall, set the sage for the fast pace horror of what is to come. Who is his Aunt Lucinda, why doesn’t Dan quite remember his childhood? The moths, the spider…yikes! The book picks up speed to match the horror and this book will with stay with you. The ending is very gratifying. Please read this if you want a good scare and a beautifully written work.
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