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Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2021
This advertises itself as a Media hub. Ok, that makes sense, i won't expect a device to be addressed properly through BIOS directly and will wait for driver level communication.
Problem is, there are more issue than that. I have a couple of different models of HDD bays. A blacX Duet, and a RSHTECH. Neither of these bays work properly through this hub. For example, the rshtech has ports on the front to read SD and Micro cards. I put a card in, it does not work. Strange, i assume bad card and move on. three card in a row don't work. Ok, maybe my device is failing. Well, a device Was failing, but it was not my HDD bay. Plugging either of my HDD bays directly in to a USB port, or into a different brand quality Hub, everything worked fine. This hub does support a couple of keyboards i have tested it with hence two stars instead of one, BUT, Not At Boot! Do not expect to be able to press DEL (or your key combo) at boot to be able to get into BIOS. Either i have a defective unit, or there is a fundamental flaw in this hubs core design. I cannot recommend it, but if the company wants to try again, do know that the cord length is nice.
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