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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 28, 2017
Another exceptional book from Zoe. I love this series and this book was a little different from the usual Pine Harbor setting, since the story starts overseas with Jenna and Sean ( yet another Foster brother). Jenna is a midwife working with DWB in a refugee camp and Sean is a Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces. He's in transit when he meets Jenna over breakfast but the two are taken with each other. They steal time as time allows and though Sean is only there two days, looking forward to two weeks leave, Jenna has time off coming and he spontaneously invites her to take a trip with him.
The chemistry between these two was off the charts and well done. We see them really develop a relationship in that first bit of the book and the rest unfolding during a few flashbacks, more like triggered memories during the present day story. They marry in Spain while on vacation. He returns to duty as does she. She doesn't hear from him, only to find out a month or so later he's been injured seriously and is back in Canada recovering. She leaves her post overseas and returns to his hometown, showing up at his brother Dean's, whom we've met. Sean is living, no scratch that, subsisting at Dean's making everyone's life a living hell including his own. He's not only severely injured and trying to cope with his brain and physical injuries but has also had a stroke. He suffers from severe migraines and severe vertigo and other TBI symptoms. He never contacted Jenna.
You can imagine Dean's surprise when she shows up and announces herself as his wife. Sean doesn't want to see her and acts like a total jack hat the first few month. With Jenna now in the picture and she doesn't give up on him, the brothers and a best friend stage an intervention of sorts and Sean wants to try to get better, agreeing to go to physical therapy and work hard on his recovery. Jenna is worth it.
Pine Harbor is a tiny town and everyone knows everyone and Jenna is warmly welcomed there. She soon meshes into the family and daily life including getting a job, the commute is long but worth it.
It's a great story to watch unfold and grittier than Zoe's norm. Which I loved. She puts forth some of the often overlooked casualties of war, the psychological aspects and the ripple effects on family, loved ones and friends.
Not meaning to sound trite here, but this story is a great love heals a multitude of woes and in this book that's the truth. Her unconditional and consistent love for him, reminded him who he was inside, the man who fell in love with Jenna.
Great story and Matt is up next and can't wait to see what kind of trouble he gets into.
Bravo Zoe... right down the middle of the road.
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